EDI ŠTIFANIĆ, Major of City of Poreč


Ladies and gentleman, distinguished guests, organizers, dear guests, I‘m honored to be welcoming World twirling championships in our city. You are now in a city that holds a position of a tourism champion in Croatia, a city that is known for its beautiful natural habitat, rich history and gastronomy, and for its many historical sights, of which the most notable is the Euphrasian basilica under UNESCO protection.
We have hosted a large number of sports manifestations like World handball championship, three Davis Cups, European championship in table tennis for veterans, European indoor archery championships, World dance championships, Porec — Handball
Cup. On account of these types of manifestations, as we II ones being held throughout the city
like Porec Major – beach volleyball world‘s series, Porec is now being recognized as the city of sport, of which we are proud of. I believe that this World twirling championship will, once again, establish Porec as the city of sport, and help to promote the city in tourist, sport and business sphere.

I wish a II the contestants a lot of success and good fortune during the championship in
our city, hoping that you will discover Porec and
its jewels and share it with the ones closest to you. Enjoy your stay and hopefully see you

Thank you.

Mayor of City of Porec — Parenzo

Edi Štifanić


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